Saving Money on Your Mortgage (Infographic)

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Brittany | 04.14.16 @ 23:04

Saving money when it comes to mortgages is seriously extremely beneficial. Especially when it comes to today’s current market.

Kamie | 04.14.16 @ 23:12

I know you definitely want your realtor or even a mortgage financial agent who is being there for you, and not them. Definitely doing your homework and saving money is better for everyone.

irene | 04.14.16 @ 23:20

This is really helpful info on how to save.

Erin | 04.14.16 @ 23:21

Lots of wonderful tips there. I will be sure to check here again if I’m ever in the process of buying another house or even refinancing. It looks like you could save a significant amount of money by using these suggestions.

Nancy | 04.14.16 @ 23:24

The tip that hits home for me is to research and shop around for the best deal.

Meredith L | 04.14.16 @ 23:25

There are so many aspects and different types of loans out there. Be sure to do your research, speak with a professional, really try to have some money in the bank. And get those credit scores recovered if you can before you house shop!

Selena | 04.14.16 @ 23:36

Didn’t realize you didn’t need to have your debts paid down/off to help with your mortgage.

Carla | 04.14.16 @ 23:48

I wish I had known this when we took out our mortgage. You really need to do your research.

Andrea | 04.14.16 @ 23:48

If I were to ever buy a house. I have a lot of homework to do.

Heather | 04.14.16 @ 23:52

These are all very good ways you can save money on your mortgage when you are first buying your home. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, you will always learn something and things are always changing.

Elaine | 04.14.16 @ 23:53

I am easily confused when it comes to what is the best options for mortgages. So saving money seems to be the best option.

Jo Ann | 04.15.16 @ 00:15

It so pays to shop around. The extra time it takes could save a person thousands of dollars over the coarse of the loan. Even just a point on closing costs and half a percentage point in interest could be a huge savings. Great information.

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