5 Ways To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

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Cell phone bills form a large portion of one’s monthly budget. According to a study done by J.D. Power and Associates, the average family in the United States spent approximately $157 on their cell phone bill each month in 2017, or $1,884 throughout the year. That is a big chunk of change to spend, which many families find difficult to avoid, because they need their cell phones for work, family, and emergencies.

Your cell phone bill does not have to break your budget, though. According to BillShrink, approximately 80% of cell phone users are overpaying, considering the value they derive from their phone service. We have rounded up a few different ways to save money on your cell phone bill here:

1. Find a plan that suits you and your family best. Everyone has a different use for their cell phone. Some only keep for emergencies. Others may use their phone several times a day or even all day long. Analyze the cell phone plans currently available to you and decide which features you actually need. When assessing these plans, you should think about how many minutes you spend talking on the phone, how many text messages you usually send, and your average monthly data usage.

2. Look for discounts. You or a family member may work for a company or attend a school that offers discounts on cell phone plans. Ask your company’s human resource department to find out if you qualify for a discount, as it may not be publicly advertised. Many companies offer discounts of 20% to 25% off, which is a significant saving. To receive a student discount, it may be as easy as giving the cell phone company your school email address (for example, a .edu email) as proof.

3. Join a family plan. Cell phone companies these days are touting family plans as the best way to lower your bill. You do not technically need to be blood-related in order to join someone’s family cell phone plan – you can join your friend’s plan, your landlord’s plan, family members’ plans, and so on. Signing up for a family plan can save money in various ways and the overall cost per person decreases as more members are added to the plan.

4. Break out of the mold. Many people go to the big brand cell phone companies when deciding what cell phone plan they will purchase. These days, however, there are many new companies that may be able to save you money. Prepaid plans that you can find at stores such as Walmart, enable you to pay only for the services you use, as you use them. Cell phone companies that primarily use Wi-Fi networks to connect can be cheap. If you need more credit to get a new cell phone plan, check out our rewards credit card offers.

5. Negotiate your plan. What many people do not know is that your bill in many cases is negotiable. Speak with your cell phone company before you sign a contract, or once your current one expires, to come up with a more affordable plan for you. These days, many cell phone companies are willing to work with their customers since there are many options out there competing for the consumer’s business. You may even look into switching to a company because they offer enticing incentives to new customers.

Since 80% of cell phone users are overpaying, the average person can easily cut their monthly cell phone bill to something more affordable. Try the easy suggestions mentioned above and you could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars each year on your cell phone plan.

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