5 Cheap Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom can be functional without being boring, without spending thousands of dollars or hosting an HGTV makeover show to spruce it up. (Most of us are terrified at the thought of our friends spending significant time in our bathrooms, much less letting all of America critique it.)

Flea markets, dollar stores, and other discount retailers are good places for inspiration. There are many discounted materials available waiting for you to transform them into bathroom accessories. All you need is the vision to see how these accessories can fit into the style that you want to portray — but how do you get started?

To avoid wandering around stores all day, it is best to look at specific aspects of your bathroom and get some idea of the things you would like to incorporate. By focusing on the following five areas, you can narrow your discount search.

5 Bathroom Improvement Tips

1. Wall/Décor Changes – A fresh coat of paint with complementary colors on the trim accents can make a huge difference. Do not be afraid to use colors. Add accents to your mirrors or use simple pieces of artwork as wall decorations. A rustic yet charming effect can be easily applied with thrift shop materials that look the same as high-priced accessories. If you want more credit to pay off some of your bathroom décor, check out MoneyTips’ list of credit card offers.

2. Shower Décor – You can brighten up your shower with decorative non-slip adhesives and unique shower curtains. Depending on how your shower is constructed, you may be able to set up interesting effects using curved shower rods, layered shower curtains, or even stenciling your own patterns over the existing shower curtain pattern. If you have the room, you can hang another rod along the back or side to allow hanging organizers for your bathware.

3. Decorative Containers – Is your bathroom cluttered with liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other containers of store-bought liquid products? You can pour all of them into sets of decorative decanters that match the style you want to project. Store any leftovers out of sight in cabinetry or organizers (see below).

Do not forget to balance style with practicality. For example, inexpensive yet beautiful glass decanters can be found many places, but glass decanters in the shower are a safety hazard (and if you have kids, they may be hazards all throughout the bathroom). In addition, thicker shampoos need something with a wide opening or the ability to squeeze out the material.

4. Unique Organizers – Practically anything with depth can be made into an organizer. Use your imagination as you shop, looking for items that are not necessarily made to be organizers and storage units, but serve the same purpose. You may be able to find something novel yet perfect for your bathroom.

5. Novel Mats/Rugs – Your bathmats and rugs can be unique as well as functional. You may be able to find a style you like at a discount — or you can consider making your own.

Suggestions for DIY bathmats and rugs are available online; everything from a stone bathmat to a cushy pom-pom style. Many of these projects can be done with a limited budget using common or scrap materials. Do some online research and find the method that fits the style of your bathroom and your DIY level.

Start with some planning and research, throw in your preferences in décor, add a little shopping reconnaissance at your local thrift shop and flea markets, and complete with a dash of good luck and timing. That is the recipe to sprucing up your bathroom on the cheap. Who needs HGTV anyway?

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